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October 2016

Article written by Wolfclan Jake

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Bug Out Bag : Ready to get the hell out in a hurry!

A ton of talk over the years about bugging out, BUG OUT BAGS, and bug out bag lists.  “Bugging out” is bound to come up in any conversation about survival and preparation and every survival blog or website has at least one article posted about how to put together a bug out bag. Here at Wolfclan Armory we have Bug Out Bags made for you at a good price that’s ready to use immediately so you don’t have to worry about making one yourself.

Why Bug Out?

The subject of bugging out and Bug Out Bags (some preppers refer to this kit as a Bug Out Backpack) is a popular one and for good reason.  Disasters like hurricanes occur yearly on the east coast, earthquakes happen all the time in California, tornadoes in the mid-west, flash floods, and even martial law with civil unrest could force survivors to “head for the hills” in search of safer ground.

We are constantly threatened by a series of potential disasters, both natural and man-made. Such periods are what we at Wolfclan Armory call the Days of Chaos, or a SHTF situation (Sh** Hits The Fan) It seems like we are being threatened from all sides, and sometimes, many feel like just throwing up their hands in despair and just giving up. It’s easy to give up. But we shake it off and prep harder than before, Since we refuse to be victims!

We also face a series of potential  long-term disasters including, ecological collapse, economic collapse, agriculture disaster, war, plague, pandemic, an EMP attack (Electro Magnetic Pulse), an over oppressive government or any number of disasters that could force the need to seek safer footing or even hide-out in the hills long-term. Guillaume Faye in France would call multiple disasters that will occur at once the “Convergence of Catastrophes.” Long term scenarios should be prepped for and we at Wolfclan Armory sell Fallout Shelters and Panic Rooms for such an event. If you are interested please call us at #(541)658-5565.

Bugging out to the hills should be your last option, when you have no other choice.

Bug Out Bags should be considered as a temporary survival plan or as a backup at best. You should keep in mind if you are forced to leave your home, work, or retreat; you have essentially made yourself a refugee, which is the last thing you want during hard times. And with hard times come worse times. You do not want to be the refugees that become a looting party and cannibals to survive when things become a Dark Ages event such as an EMP attack that destroys the electrical grid. The Days of Chaos are coming, for that we are certain.


A Bug Out kit will keep you alive for a few days, or weeks… then what? You had better have a way to supply your basic needs after exhausting the gear contained in your bug out bag contents. Having sites where you have buried food, water, ammunition, etc must be done today. In fact water is a must for survival. Dying of dehydration is a terrible way to go to the Gods.

Bugging out from the city to a pre set-up and well-stocked retreat in the hills should be set up now, and if this is your plan then you might not need a big Bug Out Bag since you can just load everything into your car and take off. That is if your car can start, since if its a newer car and a dreaded EMP attack happens then you will be on foot like everyone else. Having Bug Out Bag essentials, i.e. life-saving gear in a pack or kit that is ready to grab and go is a good idea if you have to abandon your Bug Out vehicle.

It would be great if you already have a stockpile of food, medications and gear waiting for you at a mountain retreat, let’s just hope that you can  actually, get past the blocked roads, carjackers, checkpoints and other hazards that will be met along the way get there, unscathed. Today these protesters block highways and streets, stopping every car, and many times these “peaceful” protesters rip drivers out of their vehicles and assault them. More and more on social media we see a video of a driver being surrounded and confronted by protesters, or by rioters, and the drivers take action into their own hands and drive through these protesters. That is we watch them until Facebook deletes it.

If you do somehow, manage to make it through, all of the en-route hazards to your well-stocked retreat in the hills, still don’t be surprised when you’re “greeted” at the door by another family or group that has already, moved in. What would you do? They may outnumber you and be better armed… Will you walk away? Will you stay and fight for what is yours?

If at all possible, move to your retreat or relocate to a safer area now – before disaster strikes. Learn to grow your own food, raise small livestock and get to know your neighbors. Networking with your neighbors, getting them on the same page, is one of the smartest things you could do for all your survival purposes. Wolfclan Armory just hope’s that it’s not to late in the game for you to make the move. Time is running out and deep down we think that it’s already too late to relocate…since the Days of Chaos are near.

Bugging Out and Putting Together Your Bug Out Bag

Some survivalist aka “preppers” look at this type of Bug Out kit as an “Escape and Evasion” bag. Where they will use the kit as a grab and go bag that will be used if they’re forced to head out to the forest and mountains to hide from danger – for most this is a flawed idea.

Living completely free of civilization, scrounging for food and shelter in the forest, mountains or desert for any significant length of time can be done, under the right conditions, by some people. But it would not be easy and the constant struggle to stay alive would be more than many could handle and most would not make it very long. If you’re not already privy to being able to survive, if you don’t know what plants are edible or poisonous, if you don’t know how to be a hunter-gatherer, then you will most certainly die sooner than you think and be wolf food.

But when you’re left with no other option, besides stay and die or bug out to the hills and maybe survive a few extra days, it’s worth a try, and having a Bug Out  or Escape and Evasion Bag” ready to go will give you a better chance of making it…and we hope you will be a survivor in such times.

The prospect of the hidden cave or dug out stocked with survival supplies should be a considered. Having a hidden cache of essential survival gear could mean the difference between death and survival if you’re forced to head for the hills. So burying supplies in secret locations, especially under bridges where FLIR imaging can’t penetrate, Survivor Ammo Cans are a must to buy, and Wolfclan Armory sells them for $25 a piece.

Having cache tubes buried near you or at your retreat is highly recommended. But you should only leave your home / retreat if you have no other choice. It is better to stay and fight then run and hide, but if you have to run and hide, the hidden caches will give you a better chance of making it…

If it’s a natural disaster, where help will be on the way, but you have to leave for you immediate safety (say a hurricane is heading your way) would a friend or family member in a distant town take you in? You need to have a “disaster buddy” in another area, but still reachable in a few hours’ drive, with whom you’ve already made plans and have an agreement with, where if a disaster happens in your area that you can go to their place to wait it out and vice versa. So if you don’t already have such a friend, then start talking about it now with a trusted friend or family member who’s on the same page as you.

A government shelter is not a place you want to go to. You want to stay out of the FEMA camps.  And who wants to be dependent on the government for their survival anyways? Not Wolfclan Armory!. But then we’re one of those “Politically Incorrect” Americans who would rather trust their own wits and skills than the government to take care of them after a disaster (or anytime). There have been many nations that open camps to the people, and the people end up murdered by the government they trusted their lives with.

What You Should Have in Your Bug Out Bag

So what should be included in a Bug Out Bag? Well that depends on you personally – you’ll have to consider things, like your location and where you’re going, your health, your skills, and time of the year. That’s why that there’s no one Bug Out Bag list that fits all needs and individuals. But by looking at Bug Out Bag lists that have been put together by a number of different people, we can get ideas to work with and expand your Bug Out Bags for our personal location and needs. Here at Wolfclan Armory we have prepared great already made Bug Out Bags for your convenience, with room inside for a few personal clothes and items, at a great price and weight that you can carry easily. We carry a few different types, and it depends on how badly you want to survive a coming crises or the Days of Chaos. We have the better “Conservative” bag at an affordable price that has more items for your survival needs that what the “Liberal” Bug Out Bag has at a cheaper price. And we are making children’s bags too.

What’s In My Bug Out Bag

Okay, since we are talking about bug out bag lists, we’re sure that you’re probably wondering what is in our Bug Out Bag. Well, we will show you… below is a list and photos of the Conservative Bug Out Bag contents. Hopefully, the list and photos will help you or someone who you know put together your own Bug Out Bag, but buying these items elsewhere may actually be more expensive than if you were to buy our already made ones, in fact.

Backpack $45

Paracord $6

Gloves $3

Stocking Hat $8

Water Canteen with Cup $10

SGB German Blade $45

Mess Kit $13

Folding Shovel with Case $12

Rain Poncho $5

Toothcare (Brush, cap, floss etc) $1.50

Bund Miniature Camp Stove $5

Solid Fuel Tabs for Bund Stove $8

Wise Fire Fire Starter $2.75

Kerchief Head Scarf $3

Emergency Straw that Purifies Water $10

First Aid Kit $8

Balaclava Long Scarf for wrapping head/face/neck $10

Hand Sanitizer $1.50

Whistle $2.50

Spiral Notebook and Pencil pocket size $ .50

Sponge for washing cooking utensils $ .75

Camp Tool, fork, spoon, knife $5

Hatchet $20

Elastic Bandage $1.50

Paracord Bracelet with Compass $7

Emergency Sleeping Bag $10

Match Stick Fire Starter $2.50

Safety Light Stick (2) $2

Emergency Blanket $5

Head Lamp $10

Tampons (8) Can be used as fire starter, wound plug, etc $1.50

Pantie Liners  Can be used as bandages $1.50

Manicure set with scizzors and tweezers $1.50

Deoderant $1.50

Antiseptic Wipes (2 pkgs of 10 ea) $3

Pain Relievers $1.50

Diarrhea Meds $1.50

Instant Coffee (5 single serving pkgs w/sugar) $1.75

Toilet Paper one roll $ .50

Emergency Tent $8

Sleeping Bag, more for moisture barrier than for comfort $9

Plastic Bags (one 13 gal, one 39 gal, 10 small waste) $1

Snacks $5

Kleenex (2 pkgs pocket size) $ .50

Patriot Pantry Freeze Dried Food 25 year shelf life (8 1/4 cup servings) $8

A. Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat $8

B. Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken & Rice $8

C. Traveler’s Stew (4 1/2 cup servings) $8

Liquid Soap, multi-use body, dishes $3

Pepper Spray $8

Bic Lighter $1

Duct Tape, for repairs

Super Glue $ .75

Water Bottles (Two 16 oz.) $ .50

Flashlight/Stun Gun $25



Most people will suggest a .22 caliber rifle, such as the Ruger 10/22 and this is a great choice. A .22 caliber rifle can take small game as well as larger game such as deer with proper shot placement But you better already know how to shoot before crisis hits.

Another advantage for having a .22 Long rifle is the relatively low-report especially when using CB caps and the ability to be effectively silenced with a homemade suppressor aka a “silencer”. Just remember that such a device is illegal without proper government approval and will land you behind bars if caught, and is suggested here for a worst case scenario only or after you have went through all of the legal hoops. Having one now will most definitely land you in a United States Penitentiary.

The downside of the .22 Long rifle round is limited range, penetration and stopping power all of which limit the rounds effectiveness when used for self-defense. WE suggest a backup handgun chambered for a cartridge suitable for self-defense. W would not go below a 9mm or 38 special and then us good expanding ammo.

Even with a 9mm and 38 special, you should seriously consider using only the +P rounds such as the 115 or 124 grain JHP +P in the 9 mm or 158-grain lead semi-wadcutter hollow point .38 Special +P for defensive purposes .

Your location would also determine weapons choice. For example those bugging-out in grizzly country should definitely consider something more powerful than the aforementioned 9 mm or 38 special.

Our first choice for protection against such large game would be a center-fire rifle chambered for 308 or larger. Our second choice would be a magnum revolver with a 5.5″ to 7.5″ barrel chambered for .44 Magnum or larger.

It is wise to avoid any armed confrontation if possible. Trust us, you are not a coward if you avoid the possibility of being shot or having to shoot someone else. You are not expendable – neither are the lives of your family or those in your Bug Out Group (BOG, and recommended by us to create now with trusted individuals who all train). Those with the macho kill ‘em all attitudes will not last very long after the SHTF scenario happens. But, realistically during a long term crises, such as an EMP attack or nuclear war or a Revolution or a Zombie Apocalypse, you will have to fight someone, be it the hordes raping and pillaging for their own survival or someone you come across after all your own supplies are depleted and you go into the empty suburbs looking for new supplies like in the famous The Walking Dead TV show survivors do.

With that being said, a semi-auto military style rifle should be considered especially if you are trying to get from an urban area to the country, where facing organized gangs or other threats attempting to block your exit could be a possibility. In Europe there are already NO-GO Zones where the police refuse to go into due to the lawlessness of the ghettos, especially the Muslim areas. Such Zones are being created in the USA, too, and it’s only going to get worse.

An AR-15 with collapsible buttstock or folding stocked AK-47 (for compactness and conceal ability) could help get you out of a dangerous situation if pressed into one, while taking up little space and not adding significant weight to your overall survival gear. With all the gear we pack into these, you still have room for a few clothing or other personal items

We hope that you’ve found this article on Bug Out Bags, and Bugging Out useful and can put the information above to good use – please share this article with your friends and social media contacts. And we hope you order one from us today.

“Will you be a victim, or a survivor?” -Wolfclan Armory

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